Terms and Conditions


1.             A member has to be registered as a USER using the prescribed application form.


2.             While Luxor Network Sdn Bhd (LN) shall endeavour to ensure all information provided is accurate and up-dated, there may be instances where due to unforseen circumstances such as a power failure or computer maintenance work such information published may not up-dated as should be.  As such the USER is advised to check the date and the information as provided on the computer screen.


3.            LN shall not be liable for any damage or loss incurred by the USER on the information that may have been inadvertently relied upon by the USER in any business transactions.  The onus is on the USER to check the information provided in the system before relying on them for any transactions.


4.            LN reserves the absolute discretion to withdraw this service or to bar or cancel any registered USER without subscribing any reason whatsoever or prior notice.


5.             The USER shall use the information solely for the business with LN and not for any other purpose.


6.            The information provided by LN pertains only to USERís hierarchy and other personal information relevant to the business.  By applying for this service the USER covenants not to reveal or disclose such information to any person or organisation without the prior written consent of LN.


7.            LN reserves the absolute discretion to, from time to time, change, alter, delete, cancel, add or subtract any information of the service provided as it deems fit.


8.            It is mandatory that the USER keeps his or her login name and password confidential and not permits any person access to his or her account.


9.            In view of the confidentiality of the information IT personnel shall not conduct any briefing on the use of the account or discuss any matters pertaining to the information of the USER through the telephone.  A USER is required to be present personally for all matters pertaining to the account.


10.          If a USER has forgotten his or her login name or password, the USER shall have to re-apply for a new account.  LN shall impose a penalty fee in such an instance.


11.          LN shall reserve the absolute discretion to impose an administrative fee for this service as and when it deems fit.


12.          LN shall reserve the absolute discretion to take disciplinary action against any USER should he or she breaches any of these conditions of use of this service.  Such action may even involve legal action against the USER for any loss or damage suffered by LN as a result of the USERís action in breach of Clause 6.


13.          LN may from time to time change, alter, delete, cancel, add or subtract any of the above conditions of this service as and when it deems fit without prior notice.


14.          In order to preserve the security of the USERís information, it is imperative that the USER performs a ĎLOGOUTí by pressing the logout button after finishing his or her task in the computer.


15.          The USER should take note that the information of the current BV month is only available from the 29th of the current BV month to the 15th of the following calendar month.  For example, January 2003 BV monthís information is available only from 29th January 2003 to 15th February 2003.